A Mega Pylon at City of Dreams - Manila

Albert Smith Philippines is the leading sign maker in the Filipino marketplace in the delivery of quality business signs and services.  A larger than life example of ASP’s capabilities is the main identification pylon at Manila’s City of Dreams. The mega pylon sign is strategically designed and positioned to maximise brand awareness on approach to the City of Dreams.

The 28 meter imposing steel structure required aluminium composite material (ACM) in the largest sheet size available to meet the panel size requirements for such a mega frame. The panels had a fluorocarbon PVDF2 finish to match MTN 2823 Brass and were fixed to the side returns of the frame.

The Illuminated signage at the head of the pylon was 1200mm channel letters with translucent white faces and internal illumination by ASTech warm white LED’s. The prominent circular LED sign was 10.3 meters in size to ensure correct ventilation and to allow for easy service access. The circular frame was clad in Bolliya building panels, MTN-2813 bronze colour finish.

A design feature of the pylon sign is the horizontal cylindrical railings that were powder coated to MTN-2803 silver colour finish and were sent to the site in built sections to facilitate faster and efficient installation.

This mega structure is the biggest pylon sign that Albert Smith has had the privilege of manufacturing and installing. The immense size created many challenges logistically for both manufacture and onsite installation.

Projects of this scale demand expertise and experience from design interpretation, structural engineering, project management as well as all aspects of safety management and public protection during installation. Albert Smith Philippine’s expertise, experience and commitment overcame all of the challenges associated with manufacturing, delivering and installing this high profile, mega pylon.

At 28 meters in height, the City of Dreams illuminated sign is an iconic feature of the surrounding landscape and has already become a prominent Manila landmark.

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