Meeting the standards for Occupational Health and Safety is both an individual and shared responsibility of all Albert Smith Signs employees and contractors.

Company management accepts responsibility for:

  • Integrating safety management into all aspects of the workplace in a consultative framework.
  • Promoting communication in respect of safety management as a normal component of all aspects of work.
  • Planning, developing, implementing and monitoring the safety management program, including establishing Safety Management Committees with representation from all levels of the workforce.
  • Designating a rehabilitation coordinator.

Employees accept responsibility for:

  • Working in, and encourage others to work in, a healthy and safe manner
  • Discouraging others from working in hazardous manner.
  • Supporting and promoting safety management in the workplace
  • Immediately reporting and /or rectifying, if possible or practical, any hazardous conditions observed.
  • Cooperating with management in the development of an effective safety program