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National Design & Innovation Manager

National Design & Innovation Manager

The National Design and Innovation Manager role will be primarily to develop and manage efficient design practices and to create and maintain innovation across the company, specifically (but not limited to) the Signspec design department. In addition, to be responsible for adding value to key quotes, tenders, designs, Research and Development and process improvement as and when required. This will include meeting customers, suppliers, contractors and others, representing the company, in order to offer advice, gain knowledge, create relationships and build profitability.

Additionally, to overview the management of the Signspec team and the Estimating team ensuring all the responsibilities and accountabilities and clear to all prospective team members and inefficiencies are being adequately addressed.

Responsibilities & Duties: 

  • Maintain and improve the company’s position in the industry in terms of quality, market share, reputation, consistency and profitability by any and all means possible.
  • Ensure all designs, details and processes are as efficient and cost-effective as possible, primarily within Signspec but throughout every department in the company.
  • Offer assistance when requested, and to seek involvement, in all large quotes, tenders and production handovers where significant profitability or logistical savings can be made.
  • Ensure ongoing reviews are conducted on estimated prices to ensure an accurate GP is being obtained and that a competitive quote is being produced, with the aim of increasing the average sales Win Rate across all sectors.
  • Work with production management to address process improvement, new order entry, WIP management and Brandcare process improvement as requested, or as an issue is identified.
  • Meet with customers, suppliers, contactors and others as required to offer design advice, gain a greater understanding of projects and products, create on-going relationships and increase profitability in the company wherever possible.
  • Offer assistance to the Sales Team directly for technical advice both at ASG and with customers
  • Manage the creation of R+D, design samples and prototypes as required and present these to the relevant parties (customers, sales, estimators, designers, production etc).
  • Maintain innovation across the company by keeping informed of relevant manufacturing processes, products, potential markets and customers.
  • Maintain a high level understanding of the financial operations of the company including overheads, factory performance, sales performance, annual budgets and cash flow in order to increase efficiency and profit in all areas.
  • Identify projects that offer great improvement in all areas and, in conjunction with management, set a priority for these projects and manage them to completion.
  • Receive projects from management, of any description, and offer assistance as required.
  • Listen to suggestions from peers of all levels regarding ongoing improvements across the board and to ensure all possible thought and consideration is given to the implementation of that improvement.
  • Management and responsibility of ensuring that all projects, tasks and objectives undertaken are followed through to an effective completion, regardless of the success or failure of others involved.
  • Ensure the efficient operation of the Signspec department through the process of mentoring and training staff as required to undertake management tasks, including scheduling, training, QA of drawings, maintenance of Paragon and implementation of ongoing drawing improvements.
  • Management of the Signspec WIP to ensure smooth flow through between Sales -> New Order -> Signspec, as well as timely and accurate release of orders to Production. This also includes the management of these processes, ensuring they are being followed and are improved upon as and when required, to suit the efficient of the entire company.
  • Prioritise the day to day operation of Signspec over all the above duties and responsibilities to ensure a smooth work flow process throughout the company, however always with the ultimate goal of delegating this work to suitable individuals (in conjunction with management approval) and focusing on all the other key priorities of this position.

Key Performance Indicators

The KPI’s for this position are based on at least 50% of working hours being devoted to the above tasks, excluding the direct management of the Signspec division itself. However, if this is not the case then this should be addressed with the General Manager as soon as possible in order to ensure that it is not an ongoing obstacle. Specific performance indicators include (but are not limited to):

  • Successfully winning key projects and/or accounts as a direct result of design and innovative improvements above and beyond the ‘average job’.
  • Specific projects taken on are driven to a conclusion, and had meaningful results across the company
  • Development of design details or process improvements that directly increase profitability in the company.
  • Level of involvement and effectiveness across multiple areas being recognized by management and peers
  • Reduce amount of orders coming into Signspec by 20% by 30th June 2018 (measure monthly)
  • Participate and add value to at least 3 major projects (250k+) with a positive outcome
  • Implement design, process and innovative procedures (target 3 per month)

Staff Reporting to Position:                     

Nil (Mentoring all employees and in particular supporting the Executive Leadership as required and where appropriate)

Indirect Reports: Designers & Estimators

About the company

The Albert Smith Group is one of Australia’s leaders of signage and identity solutions in Australia. We provide the highest standard products in the sign manufacturing industry, through our innovative designs and out of the box thinking.

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