Essential Elements For Your Business Signage Decisions

Your branding and signage can have a significant contribution to your marketing and the success of your business.

Here at Albert Smith Signs we understand how important it is to perfect your company brand and signage and we are able to offer solutions that are innovative, deliver quality and reinforce your brand.

The following are the main elements you need to consider before choosing the appropriate signage for your business:


Your sign placement is crucial. Your signage should be in an optimal location to deliver the best return on your business investment. We can assist you with advice on this element.

Design & Legibility:

After choosing a good location, the next elements are crucial: sign design, font style and colour

Good design is essential and should reflect the nature of your business and clearly show what you do and if appropriate incorporate your company colours. Legibility often adheres to the mantra “less is more”

What is the message you want your branding and signage to deliver?

Our Signspec department is All About Design – we can assist you with your design development, art work and photo montages


At Albert Smith Signs we pride ourselves on being able to design and manufacture quality signage which will both enhance and add value to your business and brand.

Quality runs deep in our company’s DNA – and means doing the right things right and is uniquely defined by each individual customer’s needs.

Our manufacturing quality procedure ensures individual department checks on their product quality as it moves from department to department and a final overall quality check on despatch

Our total in-house manufacturing facility allows us to achieve the highest quality and standards for your signage products.


When your signage is complete, the final step that is as equally important as design and a quality product is quality sign installation.

Our Brandcare department has a network of signage installers responsible for all our onsite installation activities that operate Australia-wide and throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Your checklist considerations prior to your sign installation:

  • Has your sign installer of choice conducted a site audit to ensure they have all the necessary site information?
  • Have all local authority approvals been procured?
  • Is there a safety plan and a work method statement in place?
  • If required, who is responsible for connecting your building signs to power?
  • Has your installation date been reconfirmed?
  • Is there a final approval sign off process?


Naturally, your sign must be able to withstand all weather and environmental conditions. You can choose from our range of sturdy and durable materials and components such as acrylic, poly carbonate, steel, aluminium and vinyl all able to be illuminated with our LED technology

To protect your signage investment and ensure your brand stays looking good for the life of your sign we recommend a preventative maintenance agreement, tailored to suit your individual needs.

Some of our key checklist items:

  • Inspection of signs for defects and or failure
  • All external sign graphics and faces fully cleaned
  • All sign electrical components checked

A maintenance report will be provided to you, evidencing attention to each of the comprehensive check list items.

In today’s marketplace brands need to stand out from their competition – Albert Smith Signs can assist you with all elements of your business signage decisions!





Consistency is key – your next brand roll-out

Maintaining a consistency of quality and service is the key for any corporate brand strategy.

Albert Smith Signs has been a leading supplier in providing corporate signage solutions to a range of corporate clients throughout the years and still maintain these relationships today.

But what makes a corporate brand roll out consistent?

Many clients do provide their own style guides and standard to adhere to; However, what creates the consistency over most is the:

  • Ability to adapt to the site-specific requirements while still maintaining your corporate brand.
  • The knowledge and experience to manufacture your required signs to council and state regulations from the get-go & provide you options that are within these requirements.
  • Working with you to provide finishes and materials that will improve the longevity of your signs in Australia’s sometimes extremely harsh climates.
  • Working with a project management team that oversees the entirety of the roll-out from start to finish and across the country.
  • Working with a team of credited installers throughout Australia and overseas which follow our guidelines and work to our high level of quality and service.

It’s not unusual for companies who have not updated their corporate branding for an extensive period, to require additional resources and knowledge to provide a corporate signage strategy that meets both their brand and can be reproduced as a physical product that works!

Our team from sales, design, manufacturing to installation have the experience to work in creating and implementing your brand, providing design and manufacturing solutions to create brand standards that will work for you now and in the future.

We don’t just preach it, we do it! And more!

We have prepared signage specifications and have carried out corporate branding roll outs for companies such as BP Australia & New Zealand, CEVA Logistics, Bunzl Group, Amora Hotel Group, KFC just to name a few! & most recently working with and carrying out the corporate roll out of FEDEX Australia wide.