For more than 65 years, Albert Smith Signs has been the flagship division of the Albert Smith Group, a global leader in the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of identity products for the world’s foremost brands.

Our extensive expertise in the development of identity products and our comprehensive in-house resources allows us to offer an exceptional range of innovative signage products to the global marketplace.

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Posted on: 21.09.2016

Symbolic signage came into existence very early when individuals drew a picture on the entrance of their cave or hut indicating to others that they had products to exchange. Tradesmen’s signs were prevalent in ancient Egypt and Greece – sometimes […]

Posted on: 24.08.2016

Our story began in 1873. At Albert Smith Signs we continue to manufacture quality products with the same pride and integrity as our founders. Albert Smith Signs offers much more than just manufacturing and installation of your branding!   Our […]

Posted on: 04.05.2016

Showcase your brand identity with Albert Smith Signs Albert Smith Signs specialises in the development of identity products, utilising its understanding of the importance of “branding” to translate brand identity to market share and corporate success. From street signage to […]