Now More Than Ever, Buy Australian First!

As Australia begins to recover from the COVID 19 crisis we need to adopt a “buy Australian first” policy.

There is an opportunity for Australia’s business community to take the lead and put policies in place that prioritise genuine Aussie products.

Roy Morgan research shows that three quarters of businesses prefer to purchase Aussie products but only 26% have an official policy in place.

There is increasing awareness of the high quality and safety standards Australian products meet as well as a demonstrable value for money over product life cycles.

Its time – Investing in Australian industry and manufacturing will go a long way to helping Australia and Australian manufacturers such as us bounce back!


Our Communication Hub

Our customer service initiative is now up and running – OUR ZOOM ROOM CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION HUB  

With the current business challenges and changes we face, it is even more important for us to ensure ease of customer communication and service delivery.

Our Zoom Room features and benefits:

The video camera gives us ease of face to face communication with you and the microphone can record the conversation – the recording can then become the minutes of the meeting. How good is that!

Screen sharing allows us both to share any mutual content – quotes, drawings, art work, plans, invoices – whatever we want to view together.

We have a Zoom Room specific mobile phone that we are able to use to take close up’s of any content, which transfers to the screen for you to have a better view. 

The whiteboard gives us the ability to draw and make notes for all to view and can be photographed and emailed to you to retain as your record.  

We will be able to provide any technical support you need   by having the relevant components, products and information in the room for your viewing.

So everything that would normally be achieved in our face to face meeting –we can achieve together in our Zoom Room.



We’re With You Every Step Of The Way!

As an Australian manufacturer and sign maker, Albert Smith Signs are proud to have been chosen to manufacture and install the branding elements that identify John Deere Australia’s business units 

John Deere has been a valued long term customer and in recent times we have refurbished their existing metropolitan and regional sites with replacement sign faces and at some locations repositioning of the pylon.

The intricate John Deere logos are VACCUM MOULDED from high impact acrylic and fixed to a flat fabricated aluminium background. The moulding process is an effective manufacturing solution that enables the creation and shape of the unique detail of the custom logo in three dimensions, and enhances the strength of the product, in its outdoor environment. The pylons are illuminated with our ASTEch LED’s delivering shadow and blemish free site identification.  

At Albert Smith Signs there are no limits to our capabilities and experience with VACUUM MOULDING and the design, manufacture and installation of pylon signs 

We pioneered vacuum forming of brand logos in our industry!



First With Storage In Australia – A Proud Australian Family Business

Kennards Self Storage remains a privately owned and family run company that built their first storage spaces in 1973.

As another privately owned and family run company Albert Smith Signs are proud to be chosen to manufacture and install the branding elements that enhance and customise Kennards corporate signage.

Kennards is a long term customer of over 16 years, in 2004 we successfully tendered for Kennards Hire rebranding project of their 32 NSW sites. Today we manufacture 3 standard pylon sign sizes for Kennards Self Storage – 5M, 6M and 8.4M. The pylon signs have an internal steel structure, clad with aluminium panels and the bottom panels have front applied graphics. The pylon top head holds the logo and brand panel –VACUUM MOULDED to enable manufacturing flexibility of the unique design, depth and strength of the 3D padlock from high impact acrylic, sprayed gloss white.

If you’re looking for a powerful statement about your business, pylons should be at the top of your consideration list – At Albert Smith Signs we manufacture pylon signs with innovation in our design, manufacture, and installation methods – we are industry pioneers in Vacuum Moulding .






Albert Smith Signs Owned And Managed By Our Family For Our Entire History! – Our Longevity And Evolution – continues!

For more than 70 years, Albert Smith Signs has been a trusted industry leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of identity and corporate signage products nationally and throughout the Asia Pacific.

Our story began way back in 1873 – From our humble beginnings we continue to manufacture quality products with the same pride and integrity as our founders.
Albert Smith’s 3rd generation Managing Director was Keith Smith or as he was affectionately called “The Ox” and professionally known as the “Happy Sign Maker”. Keith was a skilled tradesman in many and varied roles and was actively involved for over 40 years, setting the course for the future with his commitment and innovative thinking. Keith’s word was his bond, his handshake binding and his sense of humour legendary. He always respected his fellow man and instilled respect, credibility and reliability into the name of Albert Smith. His pride in the company knew no bounds!


Our Directors:

Our Managing Director Rodney Smith became our 4th generation MD in 1982 and has lead our team for nearly 40 years.
As the MD of one of Australia’s oldest companies he proudly carries on the tradition of his for-bearers and whilst much has changed over the years we have never been more focused on quality services and products.
Rodney is still fully involved in the day to day management of Albert Smith Signs (ASS) and has maintained ASS as a privately owned family manufacturing company.

Mitchell Smith
Fellow Director Mitchell Smith began sweeping floors on school holidays and worked his way through every facet of the business over the next 48 years, both domestically and internationally.
Mitch is still actively involved and his current leadership role is as mentor to the front line teams imparting his broad range of knowledge, skills and experience to: sales, estimating and Signspec design departments.

Post WWII the technological advances of the war, demanded and delivered new materials for our industry and accelerated our evolution.
The emergence of plastic materials created new possibilities in signage manufacturing and we took advantage of it –we embraced the “plastics age”
In the late 1940’s Albert Smith Signs was one of the first Australian company to incorporate plastics into signage design and manufacture.
The 50’s saw our utilization of acrylic (Perspex) for business signs and our then traditional market of house names, both manufactured at Albert Smith & Son by hand from sheet acrylic. The rapid emergence of plastics, mainly acrylics, in custom sign making called for new design, fabrication and illumination skills.
Our Advertising tagline at that time was “Plastic Signs of all descriptions also Under Awning Flash Signs”. You can still see some of these basic under awning business signs in regional areas of Queensland.

In 1959 we manufactured our first illuminated corporate sign for the Commonwealth Bank and our signage design, manufacturing and illumination methods continued to evolve over the next twenty years.
In 1974 we began to explore vacuum forming of plastic for signage – We had been shown pictures of what was being produced in the US with a new material UVEX, which fired our imagination!
As you did in those days, we built our own primitive oven and press, added a vacuum pump and started to trial what could be achieved. When we were a little more confident with the process we organised a customer demo evening at our then premises in Doggett St Fortitude Valley and invited Coles Qld and a number of Brisbane architects. Food, drinks and a demo of our new process with product give-aways delivered a successful night. Coles Qld became our first vacuum form customer and also gave us our valued introduction to Coles National.

We believed this was the future of signage and with research and recommendation (remember no internet in those days) in 1976 Keith and Rod flew to Charlotte in North Carolina to Jack Schuman’s factory who was reputed to be manufacturing the best in vacuum formers.
The machine was around $100,000 – a lot of money for Albert Smith in those days and somehow Keith stacked up the money so the machine was ordered, sight unseen!
It was Rod’s first international flight and I know there are many stories and adventures from that trip.
Our machine arrived in Brisbane in 1977, was assembled and with training and a little trial and error we were off – as pioneers and leaders in Australia of the new technology (in particular mould development) of  plastic vacuum forming of signage and branding.

Our first corporate customers were Coles, Woolworths and Shell. We even moulded Pizza Hut and McDonalds for a major competitor.
Our new technology allowed moulded branding and signage as one off’s for our smaller customers – The chicken shop at Glass House Mountains!
And who can forget one of Queensland’s major car dealerships, John Zupp at Booval with the big moulded elephant out the front!

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, as an Australian sign maker we lead the way in the development of modern branding and signage products.
In 1986 we introduced computer assisted design (CAD) to our manufacturing methods, and as best we know just the second in the world to utilize CAD in signage, to reproduce designs with greater accuracy, time efficiency and increased volume.

In the 90’s we leveraged our capabilities and knowledge to step out onto the world stage:
In 1993 we established our first offshore joint venture in New Zealand to meet the emerging branding needs of the Global Marketplace.
In 1994 we expanded into China (ASC) to meet the needs of the Quick Service Restaurant and Automobile sectors. At that time Albert Smith was the only company in the Asia Pacific region who was able to offer all-encompassing branding and signage – from standardization of design, quality product manufacture and project management through to installation.

In 1998 Albert Smith Philippines (ASP) was established to meet the needs of the developing Filipino market and is located in Manila. ASP provides quality products and services, including in house design, structural engineering and manufacturing to many of the countries high profile identities – including the Petroleum industry and restaurant chains.


The Global Signware Alliance (GSA) was established in 2001 on our edict of “Consistent global services and product supply, whilst meeting local requirements”

GSA is able to meet the needs of a global roll out, whether that be for services such as surveys, product design, project management, manufacture or installation. We form a global one-stop-shop with the partnership between Blair Image Elements (USA) Prolicht (Europe) and Albert Smith Signs (Asia Pacific.) Our ethos is “global reach, local knowledge, cohesive worldwide delivery”
Technology and electronic developments in other industries have led to changes and advancement in the signage industry of today – improved acrylics, material developments including vinyls, advancement in machinery and computer technology and the major leap forward in LED modules for illumination. Today the core of our business is signage manufacture and installation BUT Albert Smith Signs offers much more than just manufacturing and installation of your branding!

As an Australian manufacturer our  in house services encompass the capabilities to assist you at every stage of your project; design, 3d modelling, on site audits, council applications, engineering, project management, manufacture, installation, ongoing service and preventative maintenance.