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How Led Signs Work

When it comes to promoting your business, it is important you find a decent marketing tool which is affordable and effective. LED signs can provide you with a presence day or night, with the added option of using the signage both indoors and out.

If you are looking to commission an LED business sign, you might want to know a little bit about how they work and what the benefits are. Many people are turning to LED lights instead of neon as they are more energy efficient, effective and vibrant.

LED signage is extremely cost effective and cheaper than other forms of advertising. It is also very simple to use as the graphics or animation you wish to use on your sign can be programmed through a computer, which is connected to the sign via radio frequency, phone modem, fibre optics or network. For anyone who is not technically minded, the company that designs and makes your sign should be able to set this up for you with the relevant software.

This means you can change the messages on your LED signage whenever you want. The software also allows you to choose your content and schedule it to publish weeks or months in advance, so once you have done it, there is no need to revisit it for some time.

Some of the further considerations you will have before commissioning your sign will be the typical viewing distance of your sign, as this will determine the size. You will also need to think the sort of detail you want to include in any images, as smaller pixels will create a more vivid picture when potential customers are close to the sign while larger pixels work better when viewed from afar.

When it comes to choosing a company to make your sign, you should find one that has a proven track record in producing excellent products, one that can offer a good return on your investment and provide testimonials from former customers.

Albert Smith Signs have been in the industry for more than 140 years. As market leaders in providing high standard signs, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, unique signs and fast turnaround. If you need LED signage for your business, get in touch today!

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