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Navigating the Council Approval process – Let Us Be Your Guide

The council process in many ways can be a mind field with 537 councils within Australia alone; not only that, but no two councils are the same. Each state & council has their own criteria, documents and processes that need to be addressed before approval can be obtained.

The signage industry is no different and many external signs these days require approval from your local council before it can be installed.

Do we provide Local Authority Application services?

Yes! Albert Smith Signs have a dedicated council application team with years of experience working with councils locally & internationally.

We can provide the service of obtaining Developmental Planning Approvals & Building permit Approvals. (Depending on your state this can be referred under a wide range of different name such as a Construction Certificate or Development Planning Permits)

Our Current Management fees for the base service as of the 07/04/21 as per below:

DA & BA Approvals – $1565.00 + GST

Development Approvals – $1000.00 + GST

Building Approvals – $800.00 + GST

Albert Smith Signs & our dedicated Council Application Administrator can provide you with:

  • Pre-lodgment advisory services
  • Obtaining the application forms
  • Collation of documents – Preparing Site Plan & Signage Montage
  • Project Management
  • Lodgment of the application forms
  • Certain post lodgment advisory services
  • Following up Local Authority Status
  • Processing Town Planning Applications
  • Processing Sign License Applications
  • Administration of Public Notice process
  • Supply/Installation of Public Notice Display
  • Statement of Environmental Effects or SEPP 64 Statements
  • Writing Reports Addressing the Council’s Development Control Plan’s
  • Building Reports
  • Fire Engineering Reports – Engaging our independent fire engineer to provide performance outcome solutions.

Always consider when designing your next signage scope:

  • Property zoning and heritage listing
  • State controlled road or motorway
  • Visually not distracting to motorists
  • If the signage is offensive
  • Any environmental impacts
  • The size of the sign and engineering standards
  • Current Fire Regulations & Requirements
  • Sign is Illuminated


If in doubt contact Albert Smith Signs, where we are happy to provide you with the guidance & Services you will require.


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