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I’ve Never Purchased a Sign – Where Do I Start?

If you run your own business, its branding and corporate identity is very important, which is why commissioning a quality sign is essential. Investing in a sign not only helps potential customers determine where you are, but also gives your company credibility. It promotes who you are and what you do, whilst reassuring customers you are a bona fide company.

Where will your sign be?

Before getting signage, there are a few things you must consider, such as whether you want the sign to be placed indoors or outdoors. This is important as it will determine what your sign will be made of. An exterior building sign must be waterproof and durable so it can withstand all weather conditions. An indoor sign will naturally receive less wear and tear.

Will it be needed in lowlight conditions?

Another consideration before you commission your business sign is whether it should be an illuminated sign. Signs that light up can be seen more clearly and this may be beneficial if you want to have a presence 24/7. This means outdoor signs will be visible even at night, but many indoor signs, such menu boards, lobby signs, sports score-boards, are also highlighted to give them more prominence.

Size of sign

When deciding on an effective design for your corporate signage, you need to consider how your customers are going to view it. If customers will be driving past it, then the sign needs to be large and clear in order to catch their attention and deliver your company’s message quickly. More detailed signs may be more beneficial for customers who are walking past as they will have more time to absorb the contents of your sign.

Sign content

Obviously the way your sign looks is important, but you also need to think about the contents too. What do you want your sign to say and what message do you want to convey to potential customers? Incorporating your company colours will help customers identify your brand more easily. Try to keep it simple to ensure the message is effective and not confusing.

Albert Smith Signs is a leading sign maker, specialising in developing corporate signage for your business. We understand the importance of branding and how it may benefit you and increase your corporate success. For excellent results and unique designs, contact Albert Smith for all your sign needs.

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