Mobil Brand Returns – Fuelling Brand Presence!

Mobil is currently establishing a network of retail and wholesale sites across regional Australia that are being reimaged with the Mobil brand.

At Albert Smith Signs, there are no limits to our rebranding and brand roll out capabilities. We are extremely proud to have been provided the opportunity by Mobil for such a high profile and diverse location project. Our scope of works includes the removal of the existing site signage, installation of the canopy column, ACM cladding, installation of the Mobil Synergy branding and the manufacture & installation of the Mobil pylon signs. Albert Smith Signs has manufactured a variety of twin leg pylon signs at heights of 4.5m, 6m, 8m, & 12m.

The pylon signs are manufactured with an internal steel structure which is hot dip galvanised and painted white. The pylons have a fabricated aluminium top head which holds a vacuum moulded face. The main body of the pylon signs are a fabricated aluminium sign case with site specific individual message panels. Faces are clear acrylic with reverse applied vinyl graphics, illuminated with ASTech LED’s and FLS white LED digits.

At Albert Smith Signs, we have over fifty years of experience of branding and brand roll outs in the petroleum sector. We have designed, manufactured, installed and maintained petroleum pylon signs, illuminated signs, canopy cladding and branding, electronic price boards and menu boards for the petroleum industry’s leading brands.

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