The Value Of Sign Installation – The Last Step For Your Branding!

When your project is complete, the final step that is as equally important as a quality product is quality sign installation.

Aside from ensuring proper placement and customer approval sign installation necessitates a variety of trade skills, ability and knowledge.

Installers know there’s more than the company’s brand at stake if a sign is improperly installed: it can become a dangerous liability – That’s why our installers are among Albert Smith Signs most valuable assets.

We have a network of signage installers responsible for all our onsite installation activities that operate Australia-wide and throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Our sign installation teams have successfully completed a training and accreditation program tailored specifically for the signage industry.

Your checklist considerations prior to your sign installation:

  • Has your sign installer of choice conducted a site audit to ensure they have all the necessary site information regarding underground services, power lines, service issues and site access?
  • Are all the required site specific accreditation’s known and met?
  • Have all local authority approvals been procured?
  • Are there any specific environment needs?
  • Is there a safety plan and a work method statement in place?
  • Is all equipment necessary to ensure professional installation organised?
  • If required, who is responsible for connecting your building signs to power?
  • Has your installation date been reconfirmed?
  • Is there a final approval sign off process?
  • Do they have the option of a programmed preventative maintenance plan to maintain your branding?
  • Is on demand repair maintenance available for emergencies?
  • Are you satisfied with your customer service experience and communication with your chosen sign installer?

Our sign installers have consistent interaction with customers on site and our installation team are willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction at the last step for your quality branding and signage.


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