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Albert Smith Signs – Showing The Way

Navigation from place to place is a fundamental activity and an integral part of our everyday lives.

An important function of building signage  is giving directions. “Wayfinding ” is the buzzword used today and is used to refer to a set of architectural and or design elements that aid orientation.

Wayfinding  has the function to inform people of their surroundings in the built environment and to guide people in the right direction. Wayfinding signage  is a complex function and there are some major points to be considered:

  1.  Must make the building/environment user friendly
  2. Reduce directional confusion
  3. Aesthetics need to match the theme and style of the surroundings
  4. The graphics have to be both clearly legible and unambiguous
  5.  Location of each sign is a major consideration
  6. Materials used should deliver ease of maintenance and future servicing

With wayfinding there are four important signage elements:

Information signs – to orientate within the built environment

Directional signs – information to find your destination

Identification signs – indicating individual locations such as public facilities

Warning signs – to indicate safety procedures such as fire escapes and other regulations

Wayfinding signage  can be more than just ensuring people don’t get lost – we can design wayfinding  that subtly communicates your brand values, enhances your interior and exterior design and creates a welcoming environment.

At Albert Smith Signs we have developed unique wayfinding  systems for many of Australia’s leading companies and government departments that balance the need to look good with the need to make sense.

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