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Safety Warning on Cheap Imports!

Companies selling cheap imports have been warned to tighten safety standards after a record number of recalls in Australia. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission  has put on notice those willing to ship in substandard products just so they can buy cheaper or offer lower shelf prices.

The ongoing Infinity cable recall, which has put thousands of business and houses at risk of burning down, was cited as an example. Nearly 4000km of the Chinese made wiring was bought into Australia and commonly sold through a major hardware chain. The cable becomes prematurely brittle and breaks when placed under stress which may lead to electric shock or fire. Read the full story here.

Made in China may no longer mean the cheapest price!

With the dollar falling and international freight costs rising, more manufacturing is heading back to Australia after decades of being lost to low cost centres overseas. Glen Norris in the QBM Courier Mail September 30th edition informed “the currency tide has turned for Australian manufacturers who are bringing their business back home to do it better, cheaper and quicker than low-cost Asian centres.”

At Albert Smith Signs we recently experienced an example of poor quality in an imported product when we were contracted to install a main identification pylon for a high end car dealership.

The pylon sign was not structurally sound due to the integrity of the scrap metal used, the welding was inferior and the wiring was exposed and not to Australian standards.

We have not installed the pylon sign!

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